Small steps lead to a great journey!

We are so very proud, that our small steps and improvements into ecology and sustainability direction are showing to be the right one and that they do have impact. We have made so many little steps, that we have already stopped counting them. But - just a reminder of a few of them:

2008 we started to supply every visitor with biodegradable tent pegs, free of charge.
2008 we were the pioneers and have invented so called "garbage deposit" that motivate every visitor to clean up his/her own thrash.
2015 in cooperation with Eko Iniciativa project, we started to use toilet papers made of recycled tetrapak.
2017 we have replaced all the plastic cups, spoons, forks, plates etc. with biodegradable ones.
Since 2017 napkins used at MetalDays are made of recycled and organic materials.
Since 2018 we are using only biodegradable straws for our drinks.

We have running clean and drinkable water thru the festival area, that allows our festival visitors to refill their bottles at all times (yes, there is no need for plastic water bottles from the shop). This is also free of charge.

We have installed a new sewage and drainage system, that will reduce the amount of plastic chemical toilets used at the festival area.

Since 2013 we replaced 50% of meat and dairy food offer with vegan food...

and so many more...

Of course all of this little steps towards our Green journey to reduce environmental impact of our festival would not be possible without you, our dear visitors.

Therefore we would like to encourage you even more to help us and cooperate with us in our green journey endeavours!

There will be many more to come, as our path to Zero.Waste festival is clean!




MetalDays is official partner of Eko iniciativa project

Environmental issues and global ecology awareness are just some of the matters of the heart to us; therefor we are very proud that we have reached another step towards our eco-festival-mission : in year 2015, MetalDays festival became a member of Eko iniciativa

With organising MetalDays festival, we are trying to work as much as possible in ecologically acceptable ways and in accordance with ecological guidelines; our waste is being separated, we are using ecological toilet paper and towels wherever possible, our tent pegs are made of bio-degradable materials that are environmentally acceptable and we will continue to improve our ecological mission also in the future.

We are very happy and proud, that all our demanding goals are being reached with great help of you, our visitors and we are certain, you will help us with your eco awareness also in the future. Thank you!


MetalDays and AGF Award!

We are so very proud that MetalDays festival has attained an Improvers Award in the Greener Festival Awards 2016 & 2017 and Commended Award in the Greener Festival Awards in 2018! 
"Commended signifies a well-managed, environmentally aware festival. MetalDays have demonstrated excellent work to lessen the events impact on the environment and communicate with the audience. "

And the AGF award? The message from the AGF management: "Improvers signifies the beginning of the green “journey” and shows your event exhibits a significant engagement with the process of reducing environmental impact. Since the relaunch of the Greener Festival Assessment criteria festivals have been challenged more than ever to be awarded, and this really is a great example of the work MetalDays have done to lessen the events impact and communicate with the audience."

We know that is only the beginning and yet -we are so happy about it! Looking forward to many more of them to come.