Hofer - Official festival shop!

Dear friends,

Tradition is actually not a bad thing; and saying all that we are very happy to announce that Hofer will be our official festival shop again!

Located just near the main festival entrance, at the roundabout (the location is very well marked and visible also in our festival map, that can be found at our Daily Metal newspaper), it is very easy accessible for all our festival visitors, it offers a wide variety of all the necessities for the festival guests and more.
As mentioned already, waste on the festival is just one of the important ecology topics for us, organizers. And due to all of the changes, we have made in the past years, in terms of using biodegradable materials as much as possible at the festival area, it is strictly forbidden to enter large quantities of food and supplies into the festival area, with exception of goods, bought at the official festival shop - Hofer. Small amounts of goods, purchased in other supermarket stores, an example is food for people with allergies or intolerances etc. is allowed. 
You don’t have to expect rigorous controlling at the gate….nothing like that will happen. Obvious large quantities of anything bought at other shops will be stopped. 
We are kindly asking for your cooperation on is beneficial for both and us.

There will also be special offers at the Hofer shop itself, that we believe will be attractive to our visitors. So when you will need to grab something from a supermarket - Hofer is the right place to be!

See you in Tolmin!