Road closure thru Idrija!

Dear friends,
we need to inform you about the road closure due to roadworks that will impact all of you, that are possibly coming from Ljubljana and want to take so called “the old way” thru Idrija to Tolmin.
The road Ljubljana - Logatec - Godovič - Idrija - Bača pri Modreju - Tolmin will be closed from 23.7. to 18.8. completely.
Detour for cars, campers, buses and small trucks, up to the max weight limit of 7,5T will be possible thru Logatec - Žiri - Sp.Idrija - Bača pri Modreju - Tolmin (marked on the map in blue)!
Heavy trucks will have to use the highway to Nova Gorica - Solkan - Kanal - Tolmin. If you don’t want to use a very narrow and tight road, full of curves and avoid the traffic jams that will surely occur, use this road as well (marked on the road in orange).
We hope this will not cause too much inconvenience.
See you all in Tolmin!
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