1-day tickets and Early arrival

Dear friends, we are receiving a lot of questions about camping with 1-day tickets and Early arrival possibilities.

We would like to explain the rules in order to avoid unnecessary confusion : 1-day tickets are meant for people, that want to enjoy 1 day or our festival only. 1-day ticket allows you to stay at our Festival camping area on the day of ticket validity and you have to leave the camping grounds until 11am next day.
There were also a lot of questions as mentioned about Early arrival : please note, that Early arrival is possible ONLY for people, that have valid Full festival ticket (Weekly ticket) or 3-day tickets valid from Monday - Wednesday. We hope that this will clarify some of the questions, that you might have.
If you are still in dilemma, check our amazing lineup, check our beautiful surroundings and get your tickets now :
See you very soon in July!