Iced Earth exclusive interview!

Exclusive interview for MetalDays - ICED EARTH with Jon Schaffer (guitar) – @ Le Bataclan, Paris, France - December 7th 2016

‘Wow! This lineup is huge and pretty strong! That will be great man!


Hi Jon! How do you feel here @ Le Bataclan, just 2 hours before going on stage?

I am ok…just a little bit tired! 


If I remember well, you have already played this venue several times, may be last time was with Volbeat, right? 

Yeah, I think it was our last time here with Volbeat. But yes, we played here a couple of times, I remember we also played at Le Bataclan with Saxon in 2008.


Do you have any special memories here?

Yeah we had a lot of fun with Stu, our singer, here in Paris! So yeah, we have good memories for sure, when we were doing our promo tour over Europe. 


About this special tour, I mean “MTV Headbanger’s Ball’ European Tour, how came out the idea?

No, we were just approached with this, a while ago… I mean almost a year ago. And I immediately told them I could not guarantee there will be a new album… because I was still in the middle of construction of my headquarter building. So I couldn’t guarantee there will be a new record from Iced Earth at this moment, but we were interested in doing the tour. So we decided to take a break on the album to come and do this tour. And after the new year, we will come back and continue to work on the new album. 


The lineup of this tour is very diverse. What is your opinion on other bands’ music?

Well, I mean I think it is very diverse, so it’s a kind of cool! I wasn’t just people would react to it, but they did and strongly! It’s great because we see all the people are enjoying it from the beginning of the tour, it is absolutely fantastic! You know, the European audience is pretty open minded, so … it’s cool! I don’t know if this kind of package would have worked very well in the US! But maybe it would! I don’t know. 


What are your main plans for next year? You was talking about recording plans for instance?

eah, the new album will be ready and it should be out in May. That’s the main goal actually. And then, some of summer festivals, and after the festival seasons we will probably tour the North of America…We still have to work on the schedule of this North American tour. And then maybe back to Europe, we’ll see.


Back to MetalDays topics, the last time you played at MetalDays was in 2013. What kind of memory do you have about this Festival?

Oh it’s cool! It’s a very beautiful area, I remember we filmed it in the past, when it was Metalcamp before MetalDays. I have very memories of this festival, mainly due the beautiful area. It’s a great place for a festival. 


Would you please tell me what do you think about MetalDays bill so far?

Wow! This lineup is huge and pretty strong! That will be great man! But there are some bands I don’t even know (laughs)! Opeth are cool people, Doro is the Queen of Metal…and Loudness, Sanctuary…What a great bill!




Do you have one last word for MetalDays fans? 

MetalDays! We look forward to seeing you next Summer! Geat ready!


Interview and Pics by KEUF

Very Special Thanks to Valérie Reux – Century Media