black metal death metal (Poland)

BEHEMOTH - The Beast is back in Tolmin!

One of the most compelling live presences in metal, Poland’s Behemot is the undisputable master of blackened death metal. The amount of energy they expel through their pores is simply incredible. The band has probably the most violently energetic stoic poses in the whole extreme metal scene. Standing tall, undefeated, unafraid the immortal Nergal and his men are at their most overpowering state when they decide to let hell break loose and start to physically manifest their presence.



NERGAL - Rhythm, Lead and Acoustic Guitars, Throat, New Aeon Propaganda and War Strategy

INFERNO - Drums ov Annihilation and Artillery

ORION - Low End Frequencies and Fornication

SETH - Rhythm and Lead Guitars

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