ARCHIVE / Broken Hope


Broken Hope - Back from the dead...eternally

Even if it sounds like a corny phrase, the description “a long career with many ups and downs” definitely fits Broken Hope’s history.

Founded in the late 80s by guitar player Jeremy Wagner, in 1991 the band released their breakthrough album “Swamped in Gore” that was followed by the release of four more studio records and countless live shows until the year 2000. But the permanent load and interpersonal problems lead Jeremy to bury the band and let things rest for a while. Now, more than ten years after this eventful and intense time, Broken Hope have returned from the dead – and this time, they have come to stay! Their latest record “Omen of Disease” from 2013 shows the band in best musical shape and we are happy, that the MetalDays are part of their return parade from the deep, dark grave. Welcome back, Broken Hope!




Damian Leski – vocals
Matt Szlachta – guitars
Jeremy Wagner – guitars
Diego Soria – bass
Mike Miczek – drums

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