ARCHIVE / Demonic Resurrection


Demonic Resurrection - The journey has just begun...

Starting out as bunch of 17 year olds kids trying to give India a taste of extreme metal, then a nearly untouched genre, the band released their first album “Demonstealer” within nine months of formation. Even though it wasn’t the most professional first attempt it was still a bold step to get Demonic Resurrection noticed.

Other more elaborated albums followed and eventually lead to performances at Sonisphere Festival as well as Wacken Open Air and also to supporting thrash legends, Onslaught. Since 2000 it’s been a long and sometimes arduous journey for the band – a story of struggle and brickbats, but also adulation and acceptance, however most of all of incredible amounts hard work, determination and perseverance – and even naysayers will be convinced that Demonic Resurrection are one of the most important bands to have come out of the Indian music scene. But yet, for Demonic Resurrection, the journey is only beginning...




Demonstealer – vocals | guitar
Mephisto – keyboards
Nishith Hedge – lead guitar
Ashwin Shriyan – bass
Viru – drums
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