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Noctiferia - not for gaga people

Noctiferia is a Slovenian metal band, one of those we personally love to present to you.

Noctiferia began to create their music in the nineties in a small country with a scene that has lagged behind. Unbridled desire for discovering new styles and carving out their own identity turned Noctiferia from followers into irresistible musical explorers. At the time of this writing, Noctiferia is preparing for a new step in their career. At the end of the year they will release new album entitled “PAX”, which have all that it takes to make this band stronger than ever before. 
Listen to the already released EP “Gaga People” and let Noctiferia take you on a musical adventure full of extremes and surprises on Metaldays 2015.




Gianni Poposki - vocals | percussion
Igor Nardin - guitar
Uros Lipovec - bass
Mathias Gergeta - drums
Roman Files - guitar
Damjan Tomoski - keys | programming

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