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Mystery - confirmed for Metaldays!

Traditional Heavy Metal with a touch of AC/DC. Also from the home of the classic Aussie band. NOW...

Strap on your b

elts because this band is creating headlines all over the world. MYSTERY is a group of young Aussie boys with an average age of only 15/16 (but don't be fooled by their age because they can ROCK it with the best of them). These young guns have taken the World by storm, performing on the biggest stages at the biggest events alongside the biggest bands all over the world including Dimmu Borgir, Motley Crue, Europe, Motorhead, Megadeth, Exodus, Overkill, Nightwish, W.A.S.P., Lordi and more! Widely being described as Metal and Rock's big answer to 'One Direction', MYSTERY have left a trail of adoring followers throughout the World and they have been invited back. The band is also being filmed globally for a feature film and will continue on their global crusade in 2013 with a high profile tour of Japan, then the United States Of America where they will be performing at prestgious ROCKLAHOMA amongst some other big events soon to be announced. Mid 2013 will take them back to EUROPE for more concert events including a return to Slovakia's biggest open air TOPFEST on the main stage with more dates to be announced in Europe including a huge event in Croatia at the end of August and a return to Germany just to name a few. The bands album titled '2013' will be released worldwide in early 2013.



Rocky Ravic
Kristian Iaccino
Joshua Scarpaci
Tony Mlikota
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