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Eyehategod - looking forward to Metaldays!

EYEHATEGOD – 25th Anniversary!
No time for breathing! With presenting our next confirmation EYEHATEGOD we overtrump you again with a high-class cult-act. Withal we congratulate the notable Southern-States-Rockers to their 25th Anniversary, which the combo around Jimmy Bower, Joey LaCaze, Brian Patton, Mike IX Williams and Gary Mader passes up the opportunity to celebrate and pounding the whole METALDAYS festival-area to the ground. Traditionally the band will make you feel happy with down-to-earth Southern Metal completed with well-fed elements of Blues, Sludge, Doom Metal and Hardcore. Do not miss this show, when EYEHATEGOD kick your asses by earthy Metal that never sounded more authentically!



EYEHATEGOD (also known as EHG) is an American rock band from New Orleans, founded by Jimmy Bower and a different line up in 1988. Soon after the group formed, Mike IX Williams became the 2nd vocalist and Joe LaCaze became the 2nd drummer, followed by Brian Patton on guitar. The band solidified in sound and style except for a revolving bassist position. Gary Mader joined in that capacity for a Japanese tour in 2002 and has remained there ever since.

As one of the most influential bands to come from NOLA, they have noted Black Flag, The Melvins and Black Sabbath as a domineering and significant influence to their sound today.
That combined with the sound of Southern Rock, Blues riffs and Hardcore Punk has made EYEHATEGOD one of the most reputable and distinctive bands ever, even defining a brand new genre now known as Sludge, though the band strays away from being labeled as such.



Mike IX Williams - vocals
Brian Patton - guitar
Joey LaCaze - drums
Gary Mader - bass
Jimmy Bower - guitar
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