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Extreme Smoke 57 - confirmed for Metaldays!

The sound-feast of the Napalm Death loving chaos troopers of EXTREME SMOKE 57 is definitely not easily digestible. This combo plays Noisecore on a spicy level without ignoring only a spark of scabby punk-attitude. Nasty, dominantly and impolitely this mob will be unleashed at your METALDAYS 2013.




It was back in march 1990 when Extreme Smoke 57 first came together to start doing noise for fun and friends. At first there was no intention to start a real band, but after we send out some of our first rehersal demos, people actually like it and "forced" us to continue doing noise. After some rehersal demos the music style changed from pure noise - core to grind core. At the time we was still three piece band (vocal - guitar - drums) and after some gigs around Slovenia in summer of 1991 we got a new member in the band doing bass lines which means the whole thing started to sound more intensive in even more grindy. This line up leaded us to headline the "2nd grind/ noise festival" in Germany/ Leipzig and a deal with American record label Wild Rags Records to release our 3rd studio demo "Open Your Eyes... & Die!", the first one with bass. In the mean time also our first 7" EP came out, a split with Netherlands gindcore band THE SEXORCIST for Sicktone Records, featuring the sonx from the first studio demo. Some more succesive gigs happend and in 1992 we entered in studio to record the stuff for our second 7" EP which came out a year latter, released by Scottish grind - noise label Psychomania Records. And very soon the story was about to end. In summer 1992 the singer had to join the military duties, the bass player left the band and the rest of member slowly lost the interest in creating music.
But in 1994 the guitarist and the singer joined their forces together with another bass player and recorded studio material for the 3rd 7" EP, with a drum machine and sample sounds total in the vain of SORE THROAT' s album "Disgrace To The Corpse Of Sid", but done in our own way! It was released in 1996 by a new born German label T.V.G. Records. In december of 1998 our original drumer died and along with him ended all the wishes to ever reformed the band again... Untill summer of 2008 when the bass player came out with this crazy idea to start all the shit all over again - so it was done! Original vocalist and bass player have recrued new guitar player and the drummer and first gig after 1992 happened in march of 2009 in our local squat! Very soon more gigs happend all around Slovenia and Italy + Obscene Extreme festival in Chech Republic and Punk Rock festival in Slovenia in 2010. In october of 2012 our new split 7" EP came out, this time with Polish crust - grindcore band H - INCIDENT, released in collaboration between three different underground labes. In begining of 2013 another split 7" EP is released with a weird sounded Slovenian band DECA DEBILANE, a long time friends and supporters to each other, first time in the band history to be released by an Slovenian label, Debila Records.
EXTREME SMOKE 57 is known to be the first Slovenian grindcore band!



Briljo - bass
Boco - vocals
Boštjan - drums
Miha - guitars
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