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Neurotech - Confirmed for Metaldays

Just single person called Wulf, who cares for extravagance and innovation within the local scene due to his individual art of creating sounds, stands behind the banner of NEUROTECH. As producer and composer he conflates a lot of different styles of music together. So the range of NEUROTECHs diversity includes Metal, Electronic, Future-Pop, Neo-Classic as well as Fuse and New Age elements. A very special sound-experience awaits you during your metal-vacation in summer 2013!




Neurotech is a solo project of Slovenian composer/producer Wulf that fuses genres such as metal, electronica, symphonic clashes and even has a hint of new-wave and futurepop influences. The project began back in 2007 with its debut release of Transhuman EP (2008) followed by the full length Antagonist (2011) which sparked numerous praise in the metal community. The music was and still is characterized by its shreddin' guitar work, blasting drums, atmospheric electronic soundscapes and rasping vocal work sung by the project's leader Wulf. Following the full length debut Neurotech also release a two track EP entitled Blue Screen Planet (2011) and a series of conceptual EPs Decipher Vol. 1 and Decipher Vol. 2 (both release in 2012). The later also feature guest female vocals by Tanja Ravljen that sinked nicely into the dark yet catchy atmosphere of the EP.



Wulf - vocals | guitars | drums | keyboards | programming
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