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Cold Snap - Confirmed for Metaldays!

This Croatian quintet is raging like a frosty storm over the landscapes and conquers one moshpit to the other! These youngsters concentrate on straight Metal with Hardcore-elements, influenced by prominent acts such as Disturbed, Soulfly or Limp Bizkit. COLD SNAP blow your minds away with brutal riffs, tremendous bass-lines and intelligent drum-work.




In the spring of 2003, Cold Snap began making energetic music, heavy riffs, writing provocative lyrics, and dreaming of being on stage, recording and publishing records, music videos, tons of fans, and success in general.

Today, Cold Snap is one of the most famous and most popular metal bands in south-east and middle Europe, having done more than 150 gigs throughout Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, many festival appearances, a European tour with Pro-Pain from the USA, performances with bands such as Limp Bizkit, Soulfly, Disturbed; an EP "Mea Culpa" (2005), LPs "Empty Promises" (2008, Dancing Bear Records) and "Perfection" (2010, Made in Germany-music, MK II), the latter produced by one of the world's most famous metal producers, Tue Madsen (Sick Of It All, The Haunted, Moonspell, Neaera, Kataklysm, Heaven Shall Burn etc.). "Perfection" can be bought in 70% of the world. Cold Snap also has 6 videos being shown on world famous TV stations. There have also been numerous acclamations and awards from the media, other famous bands, and most importantly - from the fans and the audience.

All these accomplishments, friendship, and the collective positive energy give us strength and push us to share our music, lyrics, ideas and plans with all those who have the will and the time to hear us out.



Jan Kerekeš - vocals
Denis Roškarić - drums
Zoran Ernoić - bass
Leo Friščić - guitar | back vocals
Vlado Soldatek - guitar

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