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Herfst - Confirmed for Metaldays!

Out of the most mysterious backstreets of the Belgium city Gent, this occult Metal-circle, whose primary aim is to care for fear and pure darkness at the wonderful METALDAYS festival, rises. Majestically, HERFST spread their gloomy and nebulous Black/Death-Metal-wings over the whole festival. Melody, technical arrangements and bombastic sounds of horror are the most dangerous arms of these vampires. Be certain: HERFST will freeze your blood!





'H e r f s † is a 5 piece melodic death/black metal band from Belgium combining stygian 7 string riffs, macabre neoclassical orchestrations and a burning passion for extreme, icecold metal with the dark & brooding charm of black/death metal. This mixture, spiced up with harmonically rich guitar wizardry and a penchant for the melancholic, introspective soul of doom metal forms the essence of what they call ‘Nekromantic metal’.

While composing straight from their dark hearts, the morbidity Herfst delivers honours the illustrious pallbearers of black/death/thrash and Lovecraftian horror metal while maintaining a fresh and original sense of dynamics. With the release of their latest EP 'The dea†hcult pt. I - An Oath in Dakness' (produced by Dan Swanö) they managed to get amazing reviews, with scores up to 100%.

With this succulent combo of old and new and a burning passion for their craft they are sure to leave their black marks on stages throughout Europe.'



Matthieu Van den Brande - Vocals
Christophe Vandeghinste - Guitar
Bram Vancaunter - Guitars
Kurt Hermans - Bass
Ruben Vranken - Drums

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