ARCHIVE / Dark Salvation


Dark Salvation - Confirmed for Metaldays!

This raging quintet hailing from Liechtenstein reached to win the hearts of Underground-Metal-lovers due to their many successful live-gigs. DARK SALVATION impress with hard, rapid and especially melodic riffs, a lot of grandiose solo-guitar-work and evil vocals. Be sure, this combo will smash your head!




Dark Salvation was founded 2008 in the heart of the alps. Specifically in the Principality Liechtenstein.The first international sign of life from the five young musicians was 2010 with their debut album "Bärgthron", which was well rated by the european metal press.
Catchy melodies, fast and heavy guitar riffs inspired
by the "Göteborg-Sound" and dark vocals characterize the Dark Salvation sound. With german lyrics and technical guitar solos, the sound gets his own touch. - Melodic Death Metal from Liechtenstein.




Gianluca Teofani - vocals
Simon Sprenger - gituar
Kevin Schädler - gituar
Marcel Gebert - bass
Samuel Schädler - drum

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