ARCHIVE / Arkona

pagan / folk metal (Russia)

Arkona - pagan? Did you say pagan metal?

When members of local Russian pagan community "Vyatichi", Masha "Scream" Arhipova and Alexander "Warlock" Korolyov, decided to form a band that mirrored their individual philosophy and musical tastes, they did not probably guess ARKONA would be so active and would release one album per year since its birth. Folk melodies, complex vocal lines and choruses, clean vocals and growls, orchestral moments, and authentic instruments (violins and flutes) are the trademark of ARKONA. All albums have been widely acclaimed and the band has repeatedly been called one of the best pagan metal acts. Enjoy!



Masha "Scream" - voice 
Sergei "Lazar" - guitar
Ruslan "Kniaz" - bass 
Andrey Ischenko - drums
Vladimir "Volk" - wind ethnic instruments 

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