ARCHIVE / Weeping Silence

doom metal (Malta)

Weeping Silence - from doom island

To file WEEPING SILENCE away under the "doom" label wouldn't exactly do them justice. But what exactly is it? It's a passage with many doors left and right, and most of these are more or less left open for us to have a sneaky peek or even enter for a while. There's epic and symphonic metal, a doze of old school doom death, a modern, proggy swing here and there and of course a good handful of doom. And, dancing on a carpet of guttural growls, a beautifully airy female voice...



Diane Camenzuli - vocals
Dario Pace Taliana - vocals
Manuel Spiteri - Guitars
Mario Ellul - Guitars
Sean Pollacco - Bass
Alison Ellul - Keyboards
Angelo Zammit - Drums

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