ARCHIVE / Infestus

Gothic Metal Dark Metal (Germany)

Infestus - A demonic mastermind is replacing Obscura

Infestus is the demon incarnate of mastermind Andras, who materializes his destructive visions through every instrument himself, through his voice and his hands – the very definition of a solo project. Materializing his very personal darkness, his outputs bear witness of high quality music with profound lyrical content.


For the purpose of diving even deeper into his own traumatic creations, Andras formed a live line-up in 2013 which currently consists of Andras (vocals, guitars), A. and Ain (guitars), Hector (bass) and Marthyn (drums).
Be prepared for a soul-corroding show at MetalDays!

Unfortunately, Obscura had to cancel their set at this year's MetalDays, read the official statement below.

"Regrettably, we are unable to perform at Progstage Festival, Tel Aviv and Metaldays Festival Slovenia this year. Our drummer Sebastian Lanser injured his left hand during scheduled long running preparations for the upcoming shows.
Playing this complex music with pain in your hand and dealing with tendinitis of a member won’t allow us to play a tight show our fans and we as musicians demand. We decided not to play a half assed set, but postpone both concerts and come back with an extended live set including new songs of our upcoming album.” – Steffen Kummerer



Andras – vocals | guitars

A. and Ain – guitars

Hector – bass

Marthyn – drums

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