ARCHIVE / Striker


Striker - Canadian thunder to strike Wehrmacht!

We’d like to introduce Striker with a quote from their latest campaign, it helps to understand with what we are dealing here:

“Cloned back to life in the year 2085, Striker morphs into a giant robot to battle sentient keg monsters and save earth.”

WTF?!? Exactly. It’s the tagline and roughly the story for their next music video which will become the sequel to this masterpiece here:



Questions anyone? Thought so. Let’s fuel up the Striker robot and fight the evil Keg monsters united! Oh, and there’s also chicks and booze :-)


Here is what Eric from Wehrmacht has to say about the guys’ absence:

“Hello Metal Days,
My name is Eric from the band Wehrmacht.

I regret to inform you that Wehrmacht will be unable to play The Metal Days Festival this year. Unfortunately, we have been unable to work out logistics [...] and we have had to cancel our entire European tour.

We sincerely apologize for having to make this decision. We understand that cancelling shows is very serious for everyone involved and we tried everything possible to avoid this situation.

Thank you very much for putting us on your festival. We were very excited about the opportunity and missing out on it is very disappointing.

Again, we apologize.

Eric / Wehrmacht”

What can we say except: apology accepted! Hope to see you some other time!!!



Dan Cleary – lead vocals
Tim Brown – lead/rhythm guitar
Trent Halliwell – lead/rythm guitar
Adam Brown - drums
William Wallace - bass guitar

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