ARCHIVE / Betraying The Martyrs


Betraying The Martyrs - Modern metal’s rising star?

This France based unit is a venerable freight-train of aggression with blazing harmonies, captivating hooks and bombastic precision. Bursting out of the seams with an unabashed and unrivaled intensity, Betraying The Martyrs is about to turn the metal world on its axis with their fondly anticipated new full-length album “Phantom”, which perfectly showcases the group's musical proficiency and evolved songwriting prowess.

“Phantom” is the band's second full-length album and will also be the offering, that puts them over and legitimizes them as one of modern metal's elite artists. You don’t believe us? Make up your own mind, visit the guys during their show at MetalDays 2015 – you won’t regret it ;)




Aaron Matts – vocals
Victor Guillet – keyboard | vocals
Baptiste Vigier – guitar
Lucas D'angelo – guitar
Valentin Hauser – bass
Mark Mironov – drums

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