ARCHIVE / Dark Fortress


Dark Fortress - Black Metal’s straight “A”students

For more than 20 years now, Dark Fortress have been active and their musical transformation during that time is probably unique in the German and European black metal scene.

From the melodic but still viciously aggressive death and black metal on their debut “Tales From Eternal Dusk” to the complex, progressive and technically challenging dark and black metal on “Ylem” from 2012 – Dark Fortress are probably one of the few holistic bands, that cover the whole musical spectre that black metal has to offer. Their latest record “Venereal Dawn” proves this appraisement once again and presents the band at its best (...They would probably make good friends with Ne Obliviscaris…). Anyway: Dark Fortress – A must-see for black metal fans and enthusiasts of dark, progressive music!




Morean – vocals
Asvargr – guitars
Seraph – drums
V Santura – guitars | backing vocals
Draug – bass

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