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Crowbar - Here come the slugs from New Orleans

New Orleans, 1989: “The Slugs” are founded. A band, that will soon be considered as pioneers of the upcoming sludge scene, a mixture of hard aggressive hardcore and slowly rolling doom riffs, that couldn’t be created anywhere else than on the swampy, muddy ground of Louisiana.

Soon afterwards, “The Slugs” chose to give their band a much more fitting name (that, if we are honest, fits their style way better): Crowbar! This name became a synonym for raw, mean and direct sludge metal with an in-your-face attitude. During the many years of their existence, Crowbar collaborated with numerous famous protagonists of the sludge, stoner and doom metal scene and the list of past band members is probably longer the greek national anthem (google it!!!). Nonetheless, the band is still vivid and is currently bursting with strength – thanks to their latest, high-class output “Symmetry In Black”. Whoever among you was able to witness Ghost Brigade at MetalDays 2014: Check out Crowbar to see where Ghost Brigade learned all their mean sludge basics!




Kirk Windstein – vocals | guitars
Matthew Brunson – guitars
Jeff Golden – bass
Tom Buckley – drums

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