M.A.I.M. - Italian party animals

Are you looking for a feast of true, sweat soaked, rock solid heavy metal? Are you ready to party hard? Are you willing to bang your head like hell and drink like there is no tomorrow?

If the answer's "yes", well, we've got the kind of stuff you need: 
M.A.I.M. is a bunch of cheery Italian folk metallers, rocking out since 2008, storming the North-East of Italy with neck-breaking live performances.




Dario De Nart – Vocals
Carlo De Nart – Guitar | Vocals
Giovanni Chemello – Guitar
Simone "Mastro" Giovinazzo – Bass
Nicola "Nik" De Cesero – Drums
Aurora Torri – Flute
Emanuele Prest – Keyboard

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