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Hardcore Superstar - No risk, no fun

Back in 1997 it would take a lot of courage to combine the catchy melodies of sleaze rock with the hard aggressiveness of thrash metal and nobody was aiming to unite these genres that were at enmity.

But while everybody was playing it safe, four boys from Sweden had the guts to bring them together and created a bastard that goes by the name of Hardcore Superstar. And what comes out when you mix two genres that both come from the gutter? Probably a very sordid and dirty type of music and most of all exactly what Hardcore Superstar intend to make. We can’t wait for the sleazy boys to visit the undefiled valley of Soca.



Joakim „Jocke“ Berg – vocals
Vic Zino – guitar
Martin Sandvick – bass
Magnus „Adde“ Andreasson – drums
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