ARCHIVE / Krokodil


Krokodil - Our daily cup of sludge grant us!

Their 2014 record “Nachash” shook some people up for good. The music which this UK sixpack entered the scene with, can roughly be described as heavy metal’s equivalent to the good old monstrous, dangerously brutal muscle car.

Yeah right, muscle car, like the “You can’t just slam the door and hit the gas dude, you’ve gotta have your peace of mind first or you and others will end up dead!” kind of car. King of cars: It’s wonderfully shaped, it’s got everything in place, right where it belongs. It shines out. And, fuck you jesus, it roars and growls!!! This is no exaggeration: Krokodil give Sludge Metal a new turn. Actually, they ARE the new Sludge and we are sure, others will follow their trace of burned rubber. Can’t be too difficult to catch a glance at their glowing tail lights since they aren’t exactly fast. To succeed in a passing maneuver, however, well that seems rather unlikely for the next couple of years. Too much muscle, too crazy driving, better stick with their tail lights :-)

In short: we are really proud to have them here, it’s a fucking honor!




Daniel P Carter – guitar
Laurent Barnard – guitar
Alex Venturella – guitar
Simon Wright – vocals
James Leach – bass
Dan Foord – drums
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