Anvil - Canadian cult to crush Tolmin!

For more than 35 years now, Anvil are an instance for a balancing act between dirty, fast rock and thrash metal. There is probably no other band that stayed so true to themselves and their fans for such a long time.

Since Anvil returned after being off screen for a long time, they finally arrived where they should have been decades ago already: at the top of a legion of metal bands. With good reasons: who knows what speed and thrash metal would sound like nowadays if Anvil wouldn’t have shown their by now famous fellows how it’s done? Anvil today is like Anvil in the past: fresh, impulsively, full of brute energy and joy in playing. Fuck flourishes and decorations. Thrash is like Rock’n’Roll – it’s no rocket science, you just need to have it in the balls. But for that you have to have balls first, just like the three Canadians!




Robb Reiner – drums
Lips – lead vocals | lead guitar
Sal Italiano – bass | backing vocals
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