ARCHIVE / Fear Factory


Fear Factory - Man vs. Machine

For more than 20 years, Fear Factory have been around now to set the man-made industrial revolution to music. Usually their albums are conceptual records that adress the ongoing love-hate relationship between man and machine.

And during their long career, that is marked by many successful and a few not so successful chapters, Fear Factory managed to promote their very own musical industrial revolution. From the death metal influenced sound on their debut “Soul of a New Machine” over their milestone “Demanufacture” to the machine gun sound of “Archetype” and their latest record “The Industrialist”: Fear Factory always overstepped genre limits - even if it was not always popular and this independent, stolid and tenacious attitude made them what they are today. Fear Factory: We are looking forward to you!




Burton C. Bell – vocals
Dino Cazares – guitar
Matt DeVries – bass
Mike Heller – drums
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