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Dream Theater - Prog metal cornerstones

Only a few things in this world are nearly impossible. 1.) Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar. 2.) The Netherlands become world champions in football. 3.) Someone writes a book about progressive metal without mentioning Dream Theater.

Like probably no other band in the metal scene, Dream Theater embody epic songwriting, musical extra class and perseverance at the same time. Every single one of the musicians is a master in his profession and even if one member is leaving the band, like former drummer Mike Portnoy did in 2010, they are always able to find an adequate substitution. Without a doubt, Dream Theater are legends not only among prog metal fans but also for all lovers of sophisticated, high-class rock music. Their live shows equal music masses and we are excited like hell to see them live at this year’s MetalDays for the first time ever! Let the show begin...





John Petrucci – guitars
John Myung – bass
James LaBrie – vocals
Jordan Rudess – keyboards
Mike Mangini – percussion
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