ARCHIVE / Arch Enemy


Arch Enemy - Prepare for eternal war!

2014 was a terrific year for Arch Enemy: The sudden singer exchange from long-term fronter Angela Gossow to Alissa White-Gluz came out of a clear sky for most fans. For most bands, an exchange like this marks a decisive turning point in their history, that paralyzes the band’s activities.

Arch Enemy again used the new drive to write and release a monster of an album, that shines bright as one of the band history’s highlights. “War Eternal” managed to convince the fans, that Michael Amott and his fellow band mates are still able to write powerful and hymn like metal songs, that get stuck in your ear forever. And as this wouldn’t be enough, in passing they even managed to introduce legendary guitarist Jeff Loomis to their current band line-up. Convince yourselves of their new found strength at MetalDays 2015!




Alissa White-Gluz – vocals
Michael Amott – guitar
Jeff Loomis – guitar
Sharlee D'Angelo – bass
Daniel Erlandsson – drums
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