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Queensryche - Livecrime in Tolmin

Just a very, very few heavy bands are able to say that they released a real classic, groundbreaking and legendary album during their career and that they were also able to have success with their music not only within the metal scene.

Progressive metal icons Queensryche from Seattle are one of these few. Their record “Operation: Mindcrime” from 1988 can easily be called one of these classics and at the same time, it marks their final breakthrough in the american and in the international metal scene. Even if the record is often seen as their most important release, it was not even their most successful album: Records like “Empire”, “Promised Land” or “Hear In The New Frontier” manifested their status as one of driving forces during the popular metal period in the late 80s and early 90s. And even though the following decades were marked by difficult times, line-up changes and legal disputes, Queensryche are still, without a doubt, one of the bands, that every metal head should see live at least one time in their lives - know your music’s roots! Queensryche live at MetalDays 2015 - let it be epic!




Todd LaTorre – Vocals
Michael Wilton – Guitar
Eddie Jackson – Bass
Scott Rockenfield – Drums
Parker Lundgren – Guitar

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