ARCHIVE / Profane Omen


Profane Omen - Finnish party animals

Being a professional musician can be pretty hard sometimes: Feeling “Disconnected” from the whole world while being in the studio or from home while being on tour.

Especially as a newcomer the pressure of the music business can be like a “Load Of Lead” to your creativity and make you “Inherit The Void”. PROFANE OMEN however probably say “Fuck The Beast”, we won’t get “Beaten Into Submission” by that! Instead they “Destroy” national and international stages with their shows that are packed with “Adrenaline”. That text sounds weird to you? Yes, it probably does, since we included several of the band’s release names of the past 15 years, but the meaning of the text should still be clear we think. If you doubt their live show abilities, make up your own mind, when they enter the MetalDays stage in 2015. Hopefully you won’t “Throw Your Stones” at them ...




Jules Näveri – Vocals
Williami Kurki – Guitars
Antti Kokkonen – Guitars
Samuli Mikkonen – Drums & Percussions
Antti Seroff – Bass

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