ARCHIVE / Emil Bulls


Emil Bulls - South German libertines

For almost 20 years, Emil Bulls are standing for incorruptible underground spirit and unlike many other bands rising from the new and modern metal scene in Germany.

The band has constantly been delivering fresh and thrilling tunes without repeating themselves. Only a few bands manage to breathe the international flair without chumming up to the beaten tracks of the classical US sound like these guys from Bavaria do. From their breakthrough cover song “Take On Me” in 2001 to the release of their latest record “Sacrifice To Venus” in August 2014 - the band has always been a bunch of libertines telling their personal, charismatic stories. Enjoy them in Tolmin in 2015.




Christoph „Christ“ von Freydorf – Vocals | Guitar
Jamie „Citnoh“ Richardson – Bass
Stephan Karl „Moik“ – Guitar
Andy Bock – Guitar
Manu Lotter – Drums

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