ARCHIVE / Cannibal Corpse


Cannibal Corpse - An undead corpse that's going to eat you

After two and a half decades in business, Cannibal Corpse remain unstoppable force of death metal genre.

Undead body that’s going to eat you alive has never lost their intransigence. Using their brutal and technical death metal, they have crushed all the prejudice and censorship and became an institution whose albums, live shows and even characteristic and controversial visuals persuaded many generations of metalheads. The huge crowd of Cannibal Corpse fans is still going strong year after year and their live performances are bombastic treat for everybody into brutal music. Do not miss unchallenged flagship of death metal on Metaldays 2015!




Alex Webster – bass
Paul Mazurkiewicz – drums
Pat O'Brien – guitar
George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher – vocals
Rob Barrett – guitar

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