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Black Label Society - Hangover music

Scorching sun, river confluence, evening mist above the water, pesky mosquitos that just won’t leave you alone, drop dews on a glass of cold beer … Only cold river can bring refreshment or …

We added the best possible soundtrack to this ambience - Black Label Society! Now you don’t have to go all the way to Mississippi Delta to experience true Southern atmosphere! The brainchild of Zakk Wylde, known to the world as ex-guitarist of Ozzy Osbourne, will serve you with southern metal in its purest form. In the last few decades, Zakk has made from prodigy that stood on the same stage as metal icon, to one of the best and most renowned metal guitarists. Black Label Society, the band that he formed as a very personal project to fill his schedule, has became a bright star on the sky of southern metal. Zakk completed it with great musicians who pay tribute to rock music of the American South, excellently blended with pure heavy metal. Indulge yourself in excellent riffs and charming southern melancholy on Metaldays 2015!




Zakk Wylde – Vocals | Guitar
John DeServio – Bass
Jeff Fabb – Drums
Dario Lorina – Guitar

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