ARCHIVE / Eluveitie


Eluveitie - From the studio into the great, wide world

Imagine a musical studio project that contains all kinds of crazy, traditional instruments and furthermore features the standard equipment used in today’s contemporary metal music.

Now imagine that all those instruments are played together, simultaneously at the same time and that this symbioses creates an original, breathtaking folk metal mixture. And now the tricky part: Imagine bringing this studio project to the stage for live performances. Obviously all it takes to do so is composition talent, a whole load of talented, diverse musicians and, probably most important, a pretty cool temper, to keep this wild bunch of people in order while being on the road and on stage. Sounds similar to being in kindergarten? Well maybe it does, but over the last 10 years, Eluveitie mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann, has been quite a successful kindergartener and so the band managed to become one of the biggest acts among the huge European folk metal scene. If you like your metal spiced up with all kinds of hot, exotic instruments, don’t miss Eluveitie.




Merlin Sutter – Drums
Anna Murphy – Hurdygurdy | Vocals | Flute
Rafael Salzmann – Guitar
Chrigel Glanzmann – Vocals | Mandola
Kay Brem – Bass
Nicole Ansperger – Fiddle
Ivo Henzi – Guitar
Patrick Kistler – Tin & Low Whistles | Bagpipe

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