ARCHIVE / Psykosis


Psykosis - hard-hitting thrash from Ireland

How do you get to share stages with D.R.I., Sacred Reich, Onslaught and Evile, when your only output is a demo tape from 2008 that consists of three songs? Psykosis know the key: insane live performances!

The four-person group hails from Dublin and is already well-established in the Irish underground scene by just following one simple recipe: beer, thrash and craic. And it’s clear to see that this works, since the thrashers already teared up the stages of UK’s legendary Bloodstock Festival and won its battle of the bands competition. With their new project on the way it’s finally time to perform outside the UK, too, and to show the rest of the world what a savage live show feels like!




Grant Walsh – Guitar | Vocals
Tony Corcoran – Guitar
Jay Shaw – Bass
Shane Byrne – Drums

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