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Skindred - Nobody gets out alive!

Wales might not be renowned for its metal scene, but Skindred from Newport are proof that it still has some great bands to offer. 

The group was founded in 1998 by ex Dub War members Benji Webbe, Jeff Rose and Martin Ford with Daniel Pugsley, but in 2002 Mikey Demus replaced Rose on the guitar and Arya Goggin took over the drums of Martin Ford. DJ Dan Sturgess completed the current line up and together they released five albums, the newest “Kill The Power” in the beginning of 2014. Mixing elements of metal, reggae and punk with slight hip hop and dub influences, the band’s style can be termed as nu metal and, accompanied by Benji’s characteristic voice, it creates Skindred’s distinctive and unique sound. The band is notorious for their magnificent and wild live performances that will knock everyone in the crowd off their feet. Get ready for a savage show at Metaldays!




Benji Webbe – Vocals
Mikey Demus – Guitar
Dan Pugsley – Bass
Arya Goggin – Drums

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