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Consecration - “One, two, three, record!”

Consecration were formed in 2000 in Belgrade, Serbia. Over the years the line-up has frequently been in a state of change, before finally stabilizing in form of a powerful trio.
Consecration's music is a matter of constant evolution.

While on their first album "Aux" one can hear influences such as Opeth, Katatonia, Anathema or Neurosis, the band's sonic horizons were already widened on the live album, spreading over sounds and signals which are influenced by artists such as Isis, Tool and King Crimson. The influences have been progressing until this day including Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Queens Of The Stone Age or The Cure.
Consecration's main strength lies in their live performances and the huge amount of energy that's thus delivered. The band pushed this even further while recording their sophomore album ".avi", utilizing the old "one, two, three, rec!" method in order to capture that live
spirit on tape as much as possible.The atmosphere Consecration creates soon grows in people's hearts, so be sure not to miss them on Metaldays if you are willing to hear and feel what their sounds have to tell.



Danilo Nikodinovski – vocals | guitars | synth | theremin
Ivan Aranđelović – bass | theremin
Matija Dagović – drums
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