ARCHIVE / Dickless Tracy


Dickless Tracy - Grind or be grinded

Dickless Tracy is an unbridled beast, roaring through Slovenian and European underground for the last 18 years. Death metal or grindcore? Both, spiced with D-beat and soaked into a slow, dirty river of doom metal.

Unpleasant, gloomy, morbid and disturbing at times, but always full of humor, ideas and unadulterated music that shall please the taste of every fan of unladen musical expression, bred in the musty rehearsal place and manifested in stuffy clubs. You can experience many things with Dickless Tracy, including the end of the world at Metaldays 2015.




Tomi Cepanec – guitars | vocals
Andrej Šepec – guitars
Domen Majcen – bass | vocals
Ivan Cepanec – drums
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