ARCHIVE / Year Of No Light


Year Of No Light - Killing surfer boys since 2001

Nothing against handsome surfer boys, but they will never stand this massive wave made of crushing guitar sound.

They will be overwhelmed, just like the rest of us fools, who oppose this acoustic experience from the French post metal princes. If you find the strength to surface for a few seconds and try to get some air, you’ll most likely welcome the next crashing wave above your head. The best case scenario is a giant light show at the Metaldays and even if not: close your eyes and dedicate yourself to the music. Just stay under water...



Pierre Anouilh – guitar
Jérôme Alban – guitar | keyboard
Johan Sébenne – bass | electronics
Bertrand Sébenne – drums | keyboard
Shiran Kaidine – guitar
Mathieu Mégemont – drums | electronics

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