ARCHIVE / Unearth


Unearth - not from this planet

How likeable is a band, whose official merchandise includes beer sinkholes? We say: very!

But what does it say about their music? Can you only endure it with alcohol? We say: doesn’t matter at all – let’s jump into the moshpit! You can always refresh yourself with some beer afterwards, and if you are still able to walk, take a revitalising bath in the Tolminka.
But let’s get to the point: every metal head will feel the itching in the neck musculature as soon as he hears the first riffs of an Unearth song. The band exists for more than 15 years and with their new album “Watchers Of Rule”, they are straight forward as never before. Perfect, let’s get ready for a great show!



Trevor Phipps – vocals
Ken Susi – guitar
Buz McGrath – guitar
Nick Pierce – drums

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