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Hatebreed - Get the shit hammered outta you!

“Excuse me, are you angry?”, an ignorant softie held me up.
“WTF?!?”, I answered.
“I’m just asking. You look so angry and like you were in a big hurry.”, he went on annoying me. He can’t be for real, can he, I thought.
“Please get the fuck out of my way or I hammer the shit outta you!”, I said, pressing past that weird person. A first blast wave had already rolled down from the stage and was now shaking the ground beneath my feet. No more hold-ups...

A quote that we just stole from some book. Could have happened to a person on his walk to a Hatebreed gig, couldn’t it? The book is so bad, we never learned how it ends. If however its grumpy protagonist was indeed heading for Hatebreed, we can take one thing for granted: the trade in of all his negative energy for the opposite. And what else is there to say about Hatebreed after all: An untouchable monster built to last. A message delivered well. A bunch of straight-shooting guys we can rely on. Let’s welcome them and benefit from their great gift: To transform bad energy into positivity!




Jamey Jasta – vocals
Frank Novinec – guitar
Chris Beattie – bass
Wayne Lozinak – guitar
Matt Byrne – drums

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