ARCHIVE / Carcass

(United Kingdom)

Carcass - stainless surgical steel

Does this band even need an introduction? Maybe, for those who are under 30, just like their frontman Jeff Walker said in Tolmin in 2008.

At the end of eighties, when Bill Steer no longer felt like home in Napalm Death, he found himself company for work on a carcass. This carcass became Carcass and out of its putrefaction came grindcore, goregrind, death metal and even death ‘n’ roll. Well, unfortunately, Carcass later spent almost a decade in the coldest refrigerator in the morgue. But the time came for some new experiments, which led to album Surgical Steel in 2013. Believe us, Carcass’ scalpels are more than sharp enough to deeply incise your experience of Metaldays 2015!




Bill Steer – guitars
Jeff Walker – bass | vocals
Daniel Wilding – drums
Ben Ash – guitars

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