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Slomind - Stoner Rock at it’s finest

Formed in 2012, the band from Düsseldorf originally intended to do instrumental music, until one day singer Pat showed up at their studio and added his vocals to the project: this was truly a blessing to them.

Slomind combine straight stoner rock with fuzzy riffs, add some doom-like elements and top all that off with Pat’s characteristic voice. Their first EP “Grown Against The Grain” was really well-received by critics and their growing fanbase, so Slomind put out their debut on the 10th October 2014. “Solar Plexus” literally hits so hard, that you might lose your conscience – but only in the overwhelmingly psychedelic and fuzzy atmosphere they create on the album. These newcomers differ from the other same old stoner rock bands and are definitely not to be missed out at the Metaldays 2015!




Pat – vocals
Tobi – bass
Tott – guitar
Holger – drums

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