ARCHIVE / Audrey Horne


Audrey Horne - Out of the city - off to Tolmin!

Ever wondered, how your band can make the step from being a fun band to becoing an awarded first-class band? In this case you should ask Norway’s AUDREY HORNE.

Within only a few years, the jam-session project of Arve Isdal (Enslaved) and Thomas Tofthagen (Sahg) became one of the best hard rock bands to come from Scandinavia. They were awarded with the “Norwegian Grammy” Spellemannprisen, released 5 highly appreciated studio records and could even convince full-blood viking Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth to star in their latest what could possibly go wrong at their MetalDays gig in 2015? Right, actually nothing, so prepare yourselves for a driving hard rock show, that will conjure a smile on your faces!




Torkjell Rød – vocals
Arve Isdal – guitar
Tomas Tofthagen – guitar
Espen Lien – bass
Kjetil Greve – drums

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