ARCHIVE / The Black Dahlia Murder


The Black Dahlia Murder - Return of the deathly jokesters

This band is the best proof, that Death Metal does not have to be...well, deadly serious but can still be tough, raw and brutal to the bone.

Founded in 2000, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER from Detroit, Michigan, have long since made the step from being a promising newcomer in extreme music to being an innovator and a trailblazer for many, many other bands to follow their path. But despite their present standing, with their mixture of brutal riffs, drums and vocals and a proper portion of self-irony and hilarious music videos, they still can be labeled as something like the class clowns of the American Death Metal scene. However, on stage the five guys are always able to unleash hell and serve you a metal show par excellence. After their show in 2012, they soon will return to Tolmin - so check them out, even if you like your Metal better without fun (as if someone was able to understand the lyrics anyway…).




Trevor Strnad − vocals
Brian Eschbach − guitar | vocals
Ryan Knight − guitar
Max Lavelle − bass
Alan Cassidy – drums

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