ARCHIVE / Carnifex


Carnifex - Ready, Set, Re-Start!

By giving them time to take a deep breath, recharge artistical “batteries” and get back to basics, time-outs (if voluntarily or not) can sometimes bring a band back to life and even make them stronger than before. CARNIFEX are a good recent proof for that thesis.

Only two years ago, the band from San Diego decided to take some time off and let the band rest for an undetermined amount of time. And this break obviously revitalized the bands enthusiasm: Their latest output “Die without hope” presents a breath taking mix of brutal Deathcore and Death Metal, that will easily manage to break necks, bones and probably the local seismograph in Ljubljana during their appearance at MetalDays 2015!




Scott Lewis – vocals
Cory Arford – guitar
Jordan Lockrey – guitar
Fred Calderon – bass
Shawn Cameron – drums

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