ARCHIVE / Suborned


Suborned - ear-piercing noisiness

Have you ever rode a bumper car with 30 HP? You should listen to the album “From Space” by Suborned and you will get a feeling of what it must be like.

The album takes you, chums you and leaves you laying in the corner like wild bulls ran you down. You dig that? So do the guys aroung singer Lucie! What could be better than playing finest thrash metal in a band as the whim takes you and having a woman shout at you in the most brutal pitches at the same time? “Nothing!”, and that’s how the band Suborned was formed in Switzerland. Everyone who is looking for finest old school thrash will find delight in a small town called Tolmin in 2015.




Lucie - vocals
Remi - bass
Vali - guitars
Stefan - drums

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