ARCHIVE / Mooncry


Mooncry - but the sun will laugh!

Tom Waits once said: “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things.”

The legend goes that he continued: "...and because of that, I really like Mooncry" Well, it's a legend after all, but for you, the reader of these lines, we can add: If you are looking for dark melancholy, you'll get lost in the sound of Mooncry. If you're not looking for it, you can't escape anyway. The unusually harsh and distinctive music of this band proves the listener that beauty and darkness can co-exist harmoniously. Somewhere between power, symphonic and melodic metal, Mooncry found a place to stay and if you can’t get enough of bands like Sentenced, Rage or Moonspell, you will love Mooncry. Make sure to check them out at Metaldays!




Sali Hasan - vocals
Berthold Miller - guitars
Enrico Hahn - keyboard
Philipp Zeller - drums
Alex Schwenk - bass

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